Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a project of The Samaritan's Purse.  OCC collects shoebox gifts that will be delivered to children in need around the world to show God's love.  These shoebox gifts are filled with toys, school supplies, clothing and hygiene items.

In 2019, OCC collected over 10.5 million shoeboxes.  This means millions of children in over 100 countries will also get the chance to hear about God's love for the first time.

Shoebox DOs and DON'Ts
Pack These
WOW item
•    doll, stuffed animal, soccer ball (include manual air pump), an outfit, musical intrument

Personal Care items
•    toothbrush, washcloth, bar soap, hair brush, comb, adhesive bandages, reusable plastic cups, plates, blunt utensils, water bottles, etc

Clothing and Accessories
•    shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, flipflops, socks, undergarments, hats, scarves, mittens, tote bags/purses, sunglasses, hair bows, bracelets/necklaces, etc

School supplies
•    pencils, pens, eraser, notebooks, folders, pencil sharpeners, color pencils, crayons, markers, rulers, pencil case, glue sticks, solar calculators, etc

Toys and Fun items
•    coloring pencils, coloring books, picture books, jump ropes, etch-a-sketch, play dough, balls, toy cars/trucks/boats, slinky, musical instrument, yo-yo, etc

Not These
•    candy, chocolate, powdered drink mixes, fruit snacks, gum, etc


Used or damaged items

Seeds for planting

Liquids or Lotions
•    includes balls with liquid inside, lip gloss, glue bottles, etc

Medication or Vitamins

Breakable items
•    glass containers, snow globes

War-related items
•    toy guns, knives, military figures

•    fruit-flavored lip balm, saws, pocketknives, aerosol cans, matches/fire starters, camouflage clothing